Martial Arts Training in the Rogue Valley

Hi Yah! Tae Kwon Do offers a wide array of training in the martial arts. Self-Defense, Forms, Weapons Training, and Sparring are just a few of the things that will be learned as students progress through the belt system.

Hi Yah! is a school focused on creating great martial artists. Instead of only studying traditional Tae Kwon Do, we have developed a system of study that incorporates parts of Kenpo and Karate. This system is known as Ren Waza Do which translates to "The way of Combining Techniques."

The instructors at Hi Yah! are willing to train students of all ages that want the most out of their martial arts training. We train children, teenagers, and adults. It's never too late to start your martial arts experience. We are located in Medford, and have students from Ashland, Jacksonville, Central Point, and the surrounding area. We are a no contract dojo, and offer a variety of classes to enhance your martial arts training. If you are interested in taking classes, contact us today.