Hi Yah! Tae Kwon Do
Teaching more than martial arts

Hi Yah! Tae Kwon Do
Hi Yah! Tae Kwon Do
Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverence, Self-control, Indominable Spirit!

Hi Yah! Tae Kwon Do values respect, self control, and never giving up. We are a place where kids, teens and adults can learn self defense, weapons, and other integral parts of martial arts. Students will gain confidence and learn discipline as they rise from novice to expert black belt.

With fifteen years of experience teaching in Medford, OR, Hi Yah! has developed a system called 'Ren Waza Do' (The way of combining tecnhiques), which doesn't only teach traditional Tae Kwon Do, but incorporates parts of Karate and Kenpo.

If you are interested in a class, contact us today for a free lesson!

Hi Yah! Tae Kwon Do
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"Mr. Bennett worked with both of my young boys. He has an art of giving guidance and expectations while having fun. My boys are excited to go back for more!"

Shallena Miller, Facebook

"Mr. Bennett is an excellent instructor. He has the right amount of patience for the younger kids and he has the amazing ability to keep the older kids entertained and ready for more. We love Hi Yah!"

Ben Reher, Facebook

"I cannot recommend Mr. Bennett and his team more. My daughter can be hard to focus, but here they keep her motivated and engaged. She's learning to police her own actions and take responsibility for her own practice. This place has been a fantastic for her attention and sense of self-worth."

Cait, Google

"My two kids and I take class together and also in our separate group classes. We love it! Thank you Mr. Bennett for fostering courage and respect as well as teaching great life skills. My kids walk taller now and have greater confidence to go along with their compassionate hearts."

Rachel Davies, Google

"Great place! All the teachers are very patient with the children. They’re an encouraging, kind group. I have seen improvements in my sons confidence and has become much more outgoing. Thanks guys"

Aaron Carroll, Google

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